Symptoms of adrenal fatigue . Top remedies to cure adrenal fatigue.

Symptoms of Adrenal Fatigue & How to Heal It Naturally

Do you know the signs and symptoms of adrenal fatigue? For the longest time, I just chalked it up as being tired, overworked, and stressed and that was a normal part of my life. But then weirder things started to happen, even the smallest thing would send my cortisol levels to skyrocket. One time I was watching my daughter’s game and after a cup of coffee I was trembling and all of sudden felt super stressed, I had heart palpitations and felt dizzy. I was just watching my daughter play her game it wasn’t like I was being chased by a tiger or something. I then discovered I was suffering from adrenal fatigue. Here are the 3 Common Symptoms of Adrenal Fatigue.

3 Common Symptoms of Adrenal Fatigue

1. Tired but Wired

You go to bed hoping to get a good sleep only to realize you got your second burst of energy and now you want to stay up until all hours of the night.

Things you can do: 

Stretch, do yoga, restrict using electronics an hour prior to bedtime and listen to meditation music to help your mind slow you down.

2. You Scare or Go into Panic Mode Easily

The slightest thing can set you off, such as a car door slamming or if someone drops something. When you are fatigued your cortisol levels are high as your body thinks it is a constant state of threat.

Things you can do: 

Shake it off, you have adrenaline coursing through your body and it needs to go somewhere. The neurons in your brain are causing you to overproduce cortisol and adrenaline. So go somewhere where no one sees you and literally do the hokey pokey all around to shake that excess adrenaline and with a few deep breaths after you should calm down.

3.  You Feel Dizzy

When you are fatigued and go into a stressful response state, your blood pressure begins to drop and with that, you will begin to feel light headed and dizzy. In addition to this, your muscles may feel weak and shaky. This is due to the excess adrenaline and cortisol which actually starts to overstimulate your nerves causing the shaky and weak feeling.

Things you can do: 

Licorice root tea is an amazing way to bring up your blood pressure, it is calming and nourishing to the nerves. Take only as needed because if you drink too much you may get hypertension as it causes your blood pressure to rise.

Number 1 Adrenal Fatigue Remedy

Sometimes your adrenal glands are so overworked from being in a state of fear it can actually damage your body over time.  You may suffer from short-term memory loss and have liver and kidney issues down the road as these organs are closely linked.

At this point, we need to nourish the glands and organs to give it back the nutrients it desperately needs.

I highly recommend a homeopathic treatment called Ribes Nigrum” it is known as Gemmotherapy that uses the extracts of fresh buds, young shoots, rootlets, or saps from developing plants.

Ribes Nigrum, helps nourish your adrenal glands, cleanses the liver and kidneys in the process. In Chinese Medicine, it is believed that the liver is connected to our thoughts. So thoughts of fear and worry store in the liver organ. If you cleanse the liver organ you will clear those thoughts.  So there you go I just saved you one expensive visit to the naturopath, these are the 3 Common Symptoms of Adrenal Fatigue. Tell me your thoughts in the comments! Cheers!

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