The Top 5 Reasons you Should Ditch your Cotton Face Covering

You may not love the idea of wearing one, but in some areas, they are mandated to help prevent the spread.

Regardless of your belief system as to whether you should wear one or not. All types of coverings are popping up over the place. 

Most people are aware of the current situation and the ongoing pandemic. It is important to choose what is comfortable for you and your family making the best choice with the information you have.  

There are all kinds of cotton coverings but some people are unaware of better solutions out there. It is great to have a reusable one as disposables are so detrimental to our environment.

However, cotton can harbour bacteria, stick to your face, and just generally be uncomfortable. 

So here are the top 5 reasons why you should ditch your cotton covering instead.

  1. Hemp is moisture-wicking, unlike cotton, hemp actually absorbs half the amount of water than cotton does and provides a barrier for water droplets. Cotton absorbs water, and this alone should be a major concern when wearing a covering as moisture sticks to it.

  2. Hemp is lightweight, the thickness of hemp is lightweight and thin but yet durable and strong.

  3. It is easier to breathe in, with hemp being lightweight and thin, it makes it easier to breathe through them. 

  4. Hemp is chemical free and organic, unlike cotton that contains dangerous chemicals such as formaldehyde.

  5. Biodegradable. Hemp quickly changes into compost, and this makes it an ideal material to use when our planet is already under so much strain. None of us wants to see huge sites filled sky high with soiled cotton masks after all this is over in a year or two, hopefully.

Hemp is a great alternative and gaining traction ever since the United States farm bill in 2018. Did you know there are over 50,000 uses for hemp and counting! 

  • Looking for hemp covers? You can purchase some

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