Ways to Prevent Cancer Naturally - Top Tips

Ways to Prevent Cancer Naturally – Top Tips

It is a touchy subject and we all know someone that has been affected by Cancer at some time in our lives. It is a horrible disease that takes many shapes and forms. According to the National Cancer Institute, the projected increase worldwide of cases of Cancer is to increase a staggering 50% by 2030. (See infographic below) It is an epidemic that doesn’t seem to have an end. Sadly, conventional medicine doesn’t seem to focus on the causes of Cancer but how to treat it once it happens. I am not going to pretend that I am an expert on this subject and everything I mention here is clearly anecdotal advice. But this information is from my experiences, and other’s as well as researching holistic ways to prevent cancer naturally. If I could help inform one person or shift their perspective on this topic my mission is accomplished.

How Cancer Works

“Cancer is a group of diseases involving abnormal cell growth with the potential to invade or spread to other parts of the body. Possible signs and symptoms include a lump, abnormal bleeding, prolonged cough, unexplained weight loss, and a change in bowel movements.” (Wikipedia)

If you think about it’s quite fascinating how the body knows what to do when we get ill such as Cancer. Once there is an abnormal cell growth in the body,  these Cancer cells are incubated and are usually form a lump to protect itself from spreading but as time moves on it can multiply and get bigger. There are many different treatment options being used conventionally. Most often these treatments are not very successful, although some may argue this. But one of the most common ones is performing Chemotherapy.How to Prevent Cancer and Stay Healthy



Essentially this works “on cells that are actively growing and dividing. Cancer cells tend to grow and divide quickly so this makes them good targets for chemotherapy. But chemotherapy can’t tell the difference between cancer cells and normal cells”. (Canadian Cancer Society)

Even the Canadian Cancer Society admits that this type of treatment is risky. Chemotherapy is a very invasive procedure that not only destroys the bad cells but your good ones as well. The once ‘incubated’ cancer cells the body was trying to protect you from are now being broken apart by chemo and have the potential to mutate your healthy surrounding cells thus causing cancer to spread. This ultimately takes a toll on your body making it really hard to fight off cancer and infections. Your immunity than becomes suppressed and when you need it the most to overcome disease it starts breaking down. It is a very risky, invasive and aggressive process.

I personally know someone that tried this method, and although the cancer cells did dissolve, months later it came back and spread elsewhere.

Causes of Cancer

There are many ways cancer is caused. Of course, conventional associations will never admit those causes. Cancer is a very lucrative business for them. Here are some causes based off of alternative research as to why cancer forms in the first place.

Toxicity in the Body

As our foods become heavily processed we are more prone to eat cancer-causing agents. Pesticides are a massive culprit for building toxicity up in the body. They spray this on all our crops when it is grown conventionally. The argument is that they say it is safe to consume in small dosages but when you are compounding that, consuming food riddled in pesticide is not safe and it builds up in our body over time which can cause all sorts of cancer.

How to pr-detoxify the body from cancer

There are cases where even the farmers themselves are getting all sorts of health issues, Cancer being one of the main issues. Farmers spray their crops that they buy from corporations that promote this type of cancer-causing agents such as Round-Up. Since they are close to the pesticides and chemicals it is becoming detrimental to their health. There is a definite link between the two.


Prevent Cancer and Stay HealthyNicotine is toxic and it is known that smoking greatly increases the risk of lung cancer.


This is debatable, but it is important to protect your skin with a sunscreen. However, most mainstream brands contain harmful cancer-causing agents in their sunscreen which negates the purpose of protecting you. It is important to protect yourself from UV rays from the sun because if you do get burnt the skin cells can mutate into Cancer. Especially if you a certain type of skin such as myself that can easily mutate skin cells. The cells easily mutate given the right conditions for Cancer to form such as burning your skin repeatedly or using harsh chemicals on your skin.


There are many different types of radiation, some are more harmful than others. It is scientifically proven exposure to radiation is bad for us and it can cause Cancer overtime. Most common types of radiation:

  • Microwaves
  • Cell Phones
  • Powerlines
  • Electronic Devices

Below is a great chart from National Cancer Institute describing the different types of EMF’s. The lower frequencies tend to be more damaging than the higher frequencies.

Prevent Cancer and Stay Healthy

Environmental Toxins

Everyday we are surrounded by free radicals as they would call it. These are environmental toxins that linger through the air, whether that is from pollution from our vehicles, factories, pesticides, and the list goes on.

How to protect yourself and your family from Cancer-causing agents

There is no definite way to fully protect yourself from these toxins, we are literally surrounded every day by thousands of them. However, we can take steps to ensure we are safeguarded to the best of our ability and keep our body running in optimal health so it will much more difficult to get Cancer.

Some general tips you can do:

Nourish your body

2017-Dirty-Dozen list to Prevent Cancer

  • Make sure your body is eating organic food, or above else avoid the ‘Dirty Dozen’ and wash all fruits and vegetables before use with a non-toxic cleaner to remove the toxins.
  • Choose a healthier lifestyle, exercise, reduce smoking and alcohol usage
  • Be proactive, if you see something odd your skin that looks odd such as a irregular shaped mole, get it checked out

Prevent Cancer Detoxify Detox and cleanse your body at least once a year

  • Drink lemon water daily, this will bring up the alkaline in your body thus preventing cancer

Another way to detox is by doing a coffee enema. It is said it removes the toxins out of your liver and organs vastly, a lot of cancer patients do this already despite what conventional doctors say. A friend of mine did this every day as she had stage 4 cancer. She was given 6 months to live and two years later she is still alive!

How to prevent Cancer and Detoxify

Use skin care products that don’t contain carcinogens and cancer-causing agents. To find out more as to what is in your health care products check out this site where they tell you what is in the products and how healthy it is for the environment.

  • Stay away from sugar (or at least processed sugar) Processed sugar is very bad for you it makes your body acidic which can ultimately cause cancer. If you want to see what sugars that are available to you that do not affect your blood sugar and are not processed check out my post on Alternative Sugars, it may surprise you!

Prevent Cancer Stay Healthy CBD OIL


Cannabis oil heals! There is a reason why so many people claim cannabis has cured their cancer. Cannabis is very alkaline thus providing more oxygen to your body and killing the cancer cells. Luckily, the government are being forced to recognize the importance of cannabis and so many states and countries are legalizing cannabis. Many places now have access to licensed producers or dispensaries. Another alternative to medical cannabis is CBD Hemp oil which is legal in all states to consume and it is great for many ailments. Check out this great blog that describes a good quality CBD oil at cannabiscuresall.net 



Reduce your exposure to radiation and EMF’s

Avoid too much exposure of EMF’s

  • Limit use of tanning beds
  • Limit the use of a cellphone (Don’t sleep with it)
  • Try not to live near large powerlines this can impact your health over time


These are just some of the ways you can reduce your risk of cancer, there are literally thousands of cancer-causing agents, it is impossible to list them all and genetics do play a large role. But if you follow some of these tips, become more aware of what’s in our food, live a healthier lifestyle, avoid cancer-causing agents, you will reduce the risk.  I hope you find these useful and if you have anything to add to these feel free to share!

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