Ribes Nigrum- The Holy Grail of Anxiety and Adrenal Relief

Holistic Health is our life long passion

At Yogi Trends we are very passionate about holistic living, we value healthy living alternative lifestyles, this is our core vision- for everyone to experience and embrace naturally healthy ways to live a better life. Whatever that looks like to you, we want to be able to provide you those options.

We carry a unique line of custom products and will continue to add more to help people find something that is unique to them, we got you covered with highly professional suppliers that can give you the product to satisfy your needs.  

We are a made of a small group of holistic health enthusiasts that have practiced everything from Chinese Medicine, Yoga, Aromatherapy, and more based in Canada, Alberta. 

They have cool unique products. I love my hemp mask, it feels good wearing it, much easier to breathe in.

Samariah C. - USA

The customer service is great. Fast to respond and are very accommodating.

Becky P. - Canada

Friendly service and quick to respond to my concerns. I accidentally ordered more than one yoga swing and they responded within 24hrs and refunded me quickly. A great shopping experience!

Rebecca D. - USA
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