Are you constantly

stressed and tired?

Take the Adrenal Fatigue Quiz

Do you find yourself constantly fatigued, and struggling to get out of bed in the mornings?

Do you feel unable to cope with stressful situations? If so, you might be suffering from Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome. 

Take the quiz to find out more. 

On a scale of 1-5 —- (1 being none or barely any symptoms) to (5 experiencing major symptoms).

Answer the questions below to test your adrenal fatigue levels.

1. (pick one)

I am easily startled


2. (pick one)

I feel the need for coffee or some other stimulant



3. (pick one)

I am frequently cold


4. (pick one)

My sex drive is lower than it use to be



5. (pick one)

I tend to shake when I am nervous in stressful situations



6. (pick one)

I have many unexplained fears/anxieties



7. (pick one)

I can’t bounce back from stress or illness



8. (pick one)

I seem to have decreased in cognitive ability



9. (pick one)

I headaches often for no reason



10. (pick one)

I feel constantly fatigued and sleep does not seem to help



11. (pick one)

I get low on energy, irritable or get brain fog if I do not eat regularly


12. (pick one)

My muscles sometimes feel weaker than they should



13. (pick one)

I have no appetite or eat a lot



14. (pick one)

I am sensititive to my environment



15. (pick one)

I get dizzy easy



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