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Introducing the Massage Roller Ball, your solution for targeted cold/ or hot therapy. This innovative device features a removable free-rolling ball that is perfect for massaging those hard-to-reach areas, just pop it out and roll it on for targeted action.

Perfect for on-the-go muscle maintenance, stress relief, post-workout massage or just for relaxation purposes. The easy grip and ergonomic design are easy to grip with our hands with comfort. The perfect manual massage tool can be used on sore legs, back, neck, feet and shoulders. A firmer alternative to foam rollers or lacrosse balls. Add a dab of essential oil on there for extra relief.

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Relax stiff muscles

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Essential Oil Massage

A revolutionary way to get relief.

Combining cold, heat and essential oil massage for the ultimate tool of relief. This massage ball is effective at deeply massaging problematic stiff muscles. 

Love that the ball can accommodate both cold and heat. The ball by itself is very good to place in pressure points for aches and pains. The rolling ball allows you to massage the affected area and get cooling relief at the same time. I put it in the fridge and use it on my face in the morning to help with fatigue and minimize weight loss. Works better than those expensive face rollers and is way more durable. Bought one for my mother and daughter too. It’s portable so I carry it with me everywhere

Darlynn V.

How it works?

Package Includes:
1*Massage Ball
1*Cloth bag
1*Gift Box


The bottom part is ABS plastic resin that is non-toxic. So you can handle it with ease. 

The ball is made of 304 stainless steel and contains a sealed gel liquid


Product size: base diameter 2.8 inch, height 2.5 inch, ball diameter 2.3 inch

There are several ways that you can use the ball.

Warm it up in warm water or in the sun then apply.

Place in fridge or freezer (Warning, do not apply directly onto skin after it comes out of the freezer. Let it sit at room temperature so it warms up and safe to apply on skin.)

Add a dab of soothing essential oil for ultimate relaxation.

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