Acupressure- Discover How to Heal Yourself Fast!

I am sure everyone has heard of acupuncture, it has been taking over the west for many years now. It has gained massive popularity and many people are reaping the benefits from it from relieving physical pain to healing a variety of ailments.

Acupressure is the New Acupuncture!

Similarly to Acupuncture, Acupressure works along the meridians and targets specific areas in your body to remove blockages and helps get the blood flowing more freely, thus improving your overall health. While people are dependant on a certified Acupuncturist to relieve physical and mental symptoms, Acupressure does not require you to work with a practitioner. Click Here for More Information

What are the Benefits of Acupressure?

Most of the common benefits include relief of:

  • menstrual cramps
  • muscle tension and pain
  • cancer-related fatigue
  • headaches
  • nausea and vomiting during pregnancy/ morning sickness
  • motion sickness
  • nausea after surgery
  • Emotional Benefits

The most common use of Acupressure is relieving pain. It’s said to reduce muscle tension while enabling deep relaxation. It is used extensively in the relief of muscular tension in the back. There are important pressure points located in the either side of the spine and on the lower back.

Acupressure Empowers You to Heal Without A Practitioner

Acupuncture is what scares most people because it involves needles. Acupressure uses the same points that acupuncture uses but doesn’t use needles. Meridian therapy is a complete healing system that finds and corrects the flow of energy so that it restores and boosts the natural healing process of your body. Acupressure is gentle, easy and very effective! The best part is, YOU CAN DO IT YOURSELF! 

Top 7 Benefits of Doing Acupressure

1. You Can Take Control of Your Own Health
There is no need to rely on anyone to treat your ailments with the proper training you can heal yourself with confidence.

2. It is Easy to Do
You can perform acupressure anywhere anytime. For example, if you are experiencing anxiety you can apply pressure to a certain point to relieve the feeling within minutes.

3. You Can Do it Anywhere
To treat yourself you do not need to go to a practitioner’s office, you can do acupressure on certain points of your body when you feel you need to. Such as in your car, in your office at work, in the bathroom and in the comfort of your home.

4. It is Fast and Effective
Once you apply the pressure points it literally takes minutes for the blockage to clear up and keep the blood and oxygen flowing more freely. Once acupressure is practiced regularly this will improve your health and keep your body in optimal health and pain-free.

5. It is Free
Once you learn the training and the pressure points, you will never have to rely on anyone to help you, saving you $$$$ on expensive acupuncture treatments.

6. It is Safe
Acupressure is safe to perform by anyone with the right training. Your body knows best on how to heal itself and it will act accordingly.

7. You Can Perform it on Others
You can do acupressure treatments on other people that may not be capable of doing it themselves or do not have the training.  It can be used on the elderly and children safely and effectively. 

How to Get Started?

You can start learning right away on how to improve your health by taking the training you are learning from the best. Master Lim, is a Traditional Chinese Medicine expert (TCM) that is renowned worldwide for his expertise in acupressure and many other modalities. He makes it as easy as possible for you to do it yourself, the instructions are easy to follow with pictures and videos. The program is called Pure Natural Healing and you’ll discover how easy it is to do yourself.

It awesome the amount of content and training that goes into these videos and right now Pure Natural Healing is offering a discount exclusively. See below for the discount to receive the training package

Pure Natural Healing Program – What to Expect

  • Improve your Sleep – Find out the proper times to sleep to boost your energy and vitality
  • Easy to Understand – You’ll discover how easy it is to do yourself, you will learn exactly how to put pressure on specific meridian points in the guide as well as videos, which are explained in detail
  • Release Blockages- Discover how to unblock your meridians in the body
  • Improve your Digestive System- Learn to massage certain areas of your body that will help improve your digestive system and help you dissolve nutrients better
  • Alleviate pain – Learn how to remove migraine pain, back pain, arthritis and much more by applying pressure to certain points

Regular Price for Package: $97
Sale Price: $39.95






This is a really cool E-Book that offers quick tips on how to heal migraines and back pain which is a common occurrence for most people.

It is completely free, you can download your copy here. 


So in a nutshell, I think acupressure is just as effective as acupuncture and this program is the best I’ve found yet! Acupressure is awesome because you don’t need to rely on a professional to do it,  you can do it yourself, and it is completely safe. Have you tried acupressure before? What are your thoughts about it? Message me if you have any questions at

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