Activated Charcoal – 3 Awesome Hacks for it

You hear the hype and you’ve seen it all over Facebook ads most likely but what is Activated Charcoal and how can it be used? I’ve used Activated Charcoal all my life or some form of it and I’m here to tell you about Activated Charcoal and the 3 Awesome Hacks for it!

What is Activated Charcoal?

Activated Charcoal is made from coal or wood. It becomes “activated charcoal” when it is combined with high temperatures. Activated Charcoal can literally be burnt wood. It has been used in the east for many years in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurvedic Medicine. It is known to draw out toxins out of the blood and skin. In the east, they use it for people that have been poisoned or have parasites. Activated Charcoal binds to those agents and neutralizes it, it essentially is a great detoxifier.

3 Awesome Hacks for Activated Charcoal

There are many uses for Activated Charcoal but here is what I like best about using it and the recommended products that contain it.

1. Get Sparkly White Clean Teeth

Activated Charcoal works great to clean teeth as it is abrasive that scrubs away at the plaque on your teeth. Also, as mentioned before, it draws out toxins and bacteria. So it is great to clean the teeth, gums and sterilize your mouth.

*Top Brand Recommended*
Active Wow Teeth Whitening Charcoal Powder Natural


  • They use Coconut Charcoal, not hardwood which is better quality
  • They use Bentonite Clay which is great for removing toxins and remineralizing your teeth due to its high mineral content
  • Bentonite Clay makes it softer on your gums
  • Contains Orange Seed Oil, a natural teeth whitener, which helps smooth your teeth, and is an anti-inflammatory and antiseptic


  • A little more on the pricier side of things but it is still worth it for the quality and how long it lasts for.

To purchase it or you want to see more feedback you can click below for details!

List Price:$29.99
Sale Price:$24.79

2. Remove Parasites

Charcoal binds to toxins and parasites, so to get rid of parasites for my animals I would burn a piece of wood and put the crumbled burnt pieces into my dog’s food every so often. This kills intestinal parasites in your animal’s stomach and is a great alternative than an expensive visit to the vet. If you notice after trying this method your animal is losing weight and constantly eating then it is advised to check with a vet. This is a great starting point when you suspect an animal has a typical parasite. This could be used on farm animals as well.

3. Amazing Hangover Relief

If you drink a little too much and you know you are going to hungover the next morning, you can make yourself a little concoction to help curb the hangover. Activated Charcoal has been known to cure people that have been poisoned in the east for hundreds of years, alcohol poisoning is no different. Before bed take one 8- ounce glass and break an ‘Activated Charcoal’ tablet into your water and chug it. Make sure you have an empty stomach prior to this so the charcoal doesn’t bind to anything other than the alcohol.

You can get some good quality Activated Charcoal in a tablet below!

List Price:$20.98
Sale Price:$6.23


DIY Activated Charcoal:

You can, of course, make your own if you are keen on making it but when I want good quality or don’t have time to make my own I buy the products above. I, however, wouldn’t recommend using burnt wood for human consumption for you don’t know if there are chemicals in it.

If you use loose charcoal powder than I suggest you get it in a bag like below, then at least you know it’s a pure source. Then you can use this powder for whatever you like.

If you want a quick fix you can make your own DIY toothpaste: mix coconut oil and a teaspoon of charcoal powder, blend together and brush your teeth.

You can get the bulk bag below here:

So it’s easy as that! What have you used Activated Charcoal for?

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