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The Top 5 Reasons you Should Ditch your Cotton Face Covering

You may not love the idea of wearing one, but in some areas, they are mandated to help prevent the spread. Regardless of your belief system as to whether you should wear one or not. All types of coverings are popping up over the place.  Most people are aware of the current situation and the ongoing pandemic. […]

Best Detox Teas That Work

Best Detox Teas that Work of 2017

Winter is now here it is cold outside and as the temperature drops so does our immunity. This leaves us vulnerable to colds and the flu, hence why they call it a ‘cold and flu season’. Here are some great teas that will help you stay warm, flush the toxins out of your body, and help […]

Ribes Nigrum-The Holy Grail of Anxiety and Adrenal Relief

Ribes Nigrum- The Holy Grail of Anxiety and Adrenal Relief

Suffering from anxiety and adrenal fatigue for over 15 years I can tell you I tried everything to help me cope. I’ve tried several supplements and methods and nothing seemed to stick and I refused to try medication as I did not want to be reliant on it. I wanted to pursue a natural alternative route. […]

Gemmotherapy – What is it & How Does it Help?

Gemmotherapy - WHat is it & How it Works?

You know about homeopathy and some of the remedies of it. But I recently discovered a new method that is a branch off of homeopathy called gemmotherapy, and from my experience, it is definitely effective. So below I will explore what is gemmotherapy and how does it help? What is Gemmotherapy? It is a modern homeopathic method […]

Do Tissue Salts Really Work?

What are Tissue Salts?

You may have heard of tissue salts before or otherwise known as cell salts. These salts were created by a man named Wilhelm Schuessler in the late 1900s. Tissue salts were designed to provide us with the nutrients that we need in our bodies that naturally occur. These essentially trace minerals that are naturally found […]

UNDA Drops – How they Can Heal your Body

UNDA Drops – How they Can Heal your Body

I have long been a fan of homeopathy, for me it just works, I find that some brands work better than other’s however. You have to find what works for you. I find UNDA is incredibly an effective way to heal the body. If you don’t know what UNDA is you’ve come to the right place. […]

What are Homeopathic Remedies?

Immune Boosting Essential Oils for Fall- -Frankinsense

There are so many different types of holistic/alternative health modalities out there it can be a bit overwhelming to choose. Ultimately you want to pick what works for you, everybody is different and will have different results for a variety of ailments. One such treatment has been around for centuries and I find it incredibly effective. This alternative […]

Ways to Prevent Cancer Naturally – Top Tips

Ways to Prevent Cancer Naturally - Top Tips

It is a touchy subject and we all know someone that has been affected by Cancer at some time in our lives. It is a horrible disease that takes many shapes and forms. According to the National Cancer Institute, the projected increase worldwide of cases of Cancer is to increase a staggering 50% by 2030. […]

Healing with Essential Oils

Essential Oils can Pack a Powerful Punch! When used safely, you can benefit from essential oils to help treat a variety of ailments. In particularly, for those that are anxiety sufferers. According to the Calm Clinic, it is said an average of 28.8% adults suffers from general anxiety.  That rate is expected to increase with a variety […]

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