Boost your Immunity with these Acupressure Points!

Give your immunity a boost by pressing these acupressure points

Feeling a little sluggish or got a cold coming on? Stop it in its tracks by using very specific pressure points to help strengthen the immune system. Boost your Immunity with these Acupressure Points!

Boost your Immunity with Acupressure Points!

Triple Warmer

In Chinese medicine, the meridian is located at the side of our temples and around your ears and down to your shoulders. Triple Warmer is our flight or fight limbic state sensory system, and in most cases, it is over stimulated by our environment. However, there may be times where activating it comes in handy, especially if you are sick.

It is believed that by pressing on certain areas of your body you can get Triple Warmer to activate and boost your immunity in the process to help fight sickness. It is advised to use this technique with caution as from my experience activating Triple Warmer too much can cause you to have anxiety. This is due to the fact it kicks your body into high gear survival mode to help keep you healthy.  Just use with moderation to balance this meridian.

See the illustration out of Donna Eden’s Boost your Immunity with Acupressure Points!Energy Medicine Book that demonstrates how to strengthen and sedate Triple Warmer with these acupressure points.

  • You want to strengthen Triple Warmer if you’re sick.
  • You want to sedate Triple Warmer if you’re stressed/anxious.
  • Press with your index fingers on the 1st points as shown, hold for 2 mins.
  • Then press on the 2nd points as shown for each method.

For details on how to do this, or to learn more about using acupressure points. Check out her Energy Medicine book and other products. I consider it the holy grail of alternative health. There are a lot of amazing helpful techniques you can try to help with all sorts of ailments.



Alternatively, if you are over-stressed, and/ or have anxiety you would want to sedate triple warmer so try running your fingers along these meridian lines and see how you feel. You will get a sense of relief especially if you dig your fingers into your shoulder blades.

For details on how to do this see Donna Eden’s video on sedating triple warmer.


So those are the way you can Boost your Immunity with Acupressure Points! Tell me what you think. Did you try it? How’d you feel? Leave your comments below!

9 thoughts on “Boost your Immunity with these Acupressure Points!”

  1. Gabby

    Acupressure always fascinated me. I used it when I was sick in my pregnancy and it helped me tremendously with my morning and evening sickness. I love your short video exercise I could really feel more relaxed after just doing it once. I will check out this book as well. Thank you!

    1. admin

      Thanks for your feedback! Yes, I love her book, it has amazing tips and tools to use for a variety of issues. Her story of how she discovered these techniques is mind blowing. 

  2. Hi Dawna, thanks for these quick, easy tips. Definitely going to give it a try this Winter when I get the sniffles. The Triple Warmer Meridian sounds like a long lost friend to me because I studied Shiatsu and Reflexology 20 odd years ago and practiced as a therapist full time for 10 years. Amazing how knowledge gets rusty if you’re no longer using it. Practical tips like these are great reminders of my former life. 😉

    1. admin

      Hi Lauren, no problem, that is interesting! I never learned Shiatsu and Reflexology but heard so much about it. I’m always interested in learning new modalities. I’m sure if you started it up again it would be like riding a bicycle. 🙂

      1. Ha ha. You’re probably right! Who knows, maybe I will get back on that bicycle some day. 🙂

  3. Manasir Akshan

    Acupressure is new to me when I saw the blog how to increase immunity I thought it will be kind of eatables tips. But when I read through it was very interesting to know about acupressure. I gonna give it a try and will let you know soon how come this has helped. Thanks for the post great ???? content.

    1. admin

      Thanks for the comment, let me know how you work out! Cheers!

  4. Great Article!

    I had no idea of this technique!

    I am going to put this one in bookmarks for when I start coming down with something.



    1. admin

      Thanks! Glad you found it useful.

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