I’ve had this for a long while now. I use this to help with neck, shoulder and arm pain and it works well. Can really get deep in there if you want it to. Use this multiple times a week. Highly recommend.

Brittany D.

Purchased to help work out knots in my husbands back. Found it very sturdy, ball rolls very easily, no sticking. Have used EO's and coconut oil along with it with no issues.

Cat C.

I keep this in the fridge and then gently roll it on my face to reduce inflammation and soothe sensitivity.

Felly A.

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How's It Therapeutic?

Place in fridge and gel liquid inside keeps cold for sore achy muscles.

Cold Therapy

Soak in hot water and use for hot compress. 

Heat Therapy

Take it on the go, small and easy to carry around.

Use on the go

Add a dab of calming essential oil to penetrate deep layers for maximum relief.

Use with Essential Oils

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