Chinese Face Reading Chart – What your Face is Trying to Tell You

The Practice of Chinese Medicine

I’ve always been fascinated by Chinese Medicine. They’ve been practicing their techniques for thousands of years and they really know how to pay attention to the body. Chinese Medicine, is defined as a “Chinese medical practice that includes various forms of herbal medicine, acupuncture, massage (tui na), exercise (qigong), and dietary therapy”. (Wikipedia). Some of their methods can be considered controversial since their practices are unconventional.  They believe there are  ‘meridians’ that run along within our body which is basically energy channels, and each channel is connected to certain organs of your body. This is where acupressure comes in and breaks up the stagnant (blocked) energy with acupressure needles. Another method I enjoy using is the Chinese Face Reading Chart. There are subtle cues that our bodies are always trying to tell us about our health. If we just stop and take a moment to look at ourselves, it just might reveal clues on how to correct our health and mental issues.

It’s Written All Over Your Face

Have you ever noticed that you keep getting the same blemish or irritation on your skin in the same spot over and over again? This could be a cue from your body trying to tell you something. In Chinese Medicine, everything is interconnected and every part of your body represents an organ from your ears, feet (reflexology) to your face. See below for the Chinese Face Reading Chart. This may help you understand what issues you may be having with your body.

Chinese Face Reading Chart
Source: Positive Health Online. (

If you have blemishes on:

Front part of eyebrows:
Organ unbalanced: Kidneys
Emotion: Feeling of Fear/Unbalanced Sex drive

Middle of eyebrows:
Organ unbalanced: Liver
Emotion: Feeling worried, negative thought patterns

In between eyebrows:
Organ unbalanced: Stomach
Emotion: Over excessive thinking and mental exertion

On the Chin:
Organ unbalanced: Kidney/Bladder
Known to appear when hormones are out of balance
Emotion: Feeling of fear/ apathetic

Under the eyes:
Organ unbalanced: Stomach/Kidney/Liver
Spleen is affected here as well which is at the top of the cheekbones, this could correlate to issues with your digestive system and sugar imbalances in the blood. You may feel irritable and have mood swings.
Emotion: Over excessive thinking/Fear/Worry

It is believed in Chinese Medicine physical issues on your body is the last stage to an unbalanced body. As for the above example, you will start to see physical issues appear such as blemishes on your face.

3 Phases

There are 3 phases your body goes through before it starts to get affected on a physical level, First spiritually, then emotionally and last physically.


This is where people might think things get a little weird, but on a scientific level, we have a bio-energetic field surrounding our bodies, otherwise known as our aura. This is what some people may claim they see. It is an energy layer surrounding our bodies that shield us from negative energies. Once certain types of negative energies begin to break down our bio-energetic field creates holes and this is where it would begin to affect you on a deeper level.


Once the aura or bio-energetic field is compromised it begins to attack our mind and invade our thoughts. We begin to feel certain thoughts that are not healthy for us such as sadness, grief, fear, depression etc… These emotions may become trapped in our bodies and thus a pattern is reinforced until we recognize on a subconscious level how to remove those negative thought patterns. Dr. Bradley Nelson, the author of The Emotion Code, explains this in his fascinating book.


This is the last stage of an unbalanced body. You will start to see physical issues appear on your body when it is unbalanced. A physical injury does not count. It is only when your negative emotions begin to manifest it will affect your physical body. Such as what is shown above on the Chinese Face Reading Chart.


Here is a cool book on Amazon that is very detailed in giving information about Chinese Face Mapping. A good resource to have handy.



I hope you find this chart useful, have you ever heard of a Chinese Face Map before?

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