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Sleep Apnea and Insomnia-Can it be Treated Naturally?

Sleep Apnea and Insomnia

Ever hear your partner give you a nudge in the middle of the night, telling you to “stop snoring”? I’ve done this one too many times and quite frankly I wish I could stick a rolled up pair of socks in my husband’s mouth. Snoring frequently can be a symptom known as ‘sleep apnea’. It is […]

Why We Wake Up in the Middle of the Night?

Wake up in the night

Ever wonder, “why do I wake up in the middle night”? You think you are about to get a good sleep, maybe even go to bed early, sleep for a while, then bing,  you find yourself laying in bed eyes wide open. Sometimes it happens at 1am, 2am, 3am and so forth. You may not be aware of […]

How to improve your sleep

How to improve your sleep with Magnesium Ever since I had my daughter I’ve found it incredibly difficult to go to sleep at night. This phenomenon is known as “restless leg syndrome” (RLS) which makes you feel that as you lay in bed your legs want to keep on moving so you begin to twitch and it generally just […]

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