3 Ways to Safely Remove a Tick

3 ways to Safely remove a tick – Find out the Natural Methods

We are in the middle of summer, temperatures are rising, and with that many people like to escape and venture out into the woods and go camping. While camping is a fun time we all have to be aware of the dangers that surround us. One danger, in particular, are ticks. Ticks are extremely dangerous, one bite of a tick can cause Lyme disease or a skin infection. Lyme disease can cause serious problems with the joints, nervous system, and the heart. It is often hard to diagnose Lyme disease. A friend of mine suffered for over a year until she was finally diagnosed. The doctors could not diagnose her, they tried treating her symptoms. With Lyme disease, there are a variety of symptoms which makes it hard to pinpoint the cause. There are many methods out there on how to safely remove a tick. There is some bad advice out there, such as burning a tick or pouring peppermint oil on a tick. This can force the tick to regurgitate its saliva back into your skin and the bacteria will go back into your skin. Below are 3 ways to safely remove a tick from your body.

3 ways to Safely remove a tick

First, check to see if the tick is still present on you and engorged (meaning drawing blood from you and buried into your skin)

Use Tweezers

  • With tweezers lightly grab the tick by the base of its mouth straight out until its mouth lets go of your skin.
  • Place the tick in a Ziploc bag to send to a lab for further analysis


Use Dental Floss

If there are no tweezers or if you have issues using the tweezers you can use dental floss to safely remove a tick

  • Make a loose knot. Lay the knot around the tick area and gently tighten the knot making sure it tightens right where the tick meets its body.
  • Then pull the floss until it closes around the tick’s mouth and apply pressure shortly after the tick should let go and the floss will be tied to the tick.
  • Put the tick inside a Ziploc bag and send it to the lab for analysis


Use a Q-tip

  • Get a cotton ball Q-tip and dab it into some oil such as olive oil, coconut oil or clove essential oil, ticks do not like these oils.
  • Start swirling the Q-tip with the oil on it around the tick in a clockwise direction slowly agitating it, making it rotate with the Q-tip until it backs out or it attaches to the Q-tip.
  • Put the Tick in a Ziploc bag and send it to the lab to analyze.

Below is a video with a demonstration from the Lyme Channel. They use water but putting a dab of oil is just as effective.

So here are 3 ways to Safely remove a tick you can use to safely remove a tick. Hope these we will work for you and hope you don’t have to deal with a situation like this in the first place. Share your thoughts below!

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