Solar Eclipse

Did you get a Headache after the Eclipse? Tips to Hack that Headache.

There is no doubt that the energies of the eclipse can throw off some people. Myself, I found I was a bit more scrambled than usual, my head was in a fog throughout the day and even though I didn’t look directly at the sun, I had a dull headache. According to Google Trends just hours after the solar eclipse the term ‘eclipse headache’ sky rocketed.


So did you get a headache after the eclipse? It turns out a lot of people did according to Twitter.


So why are so many reporting this? Well aside from the ones that choose to stare at the sun without glasses many people bought glasses that didn’t have proper eyewear protection.  Apparently, Amazon had recalled several manufacturers that were providing people with glasses that did not meet the safety requirements. 

How to Make Sure your Eclipse Glasses are Safe?

What makes the glasses deemed safe is when they are ‘ISO-approved’ this is when they have proper solar filters that remove the UV light and prevents IR radiation. If you look at the sun for a period of time you can literally go blind by damaging the retina, the UV rays can overstimulate your retina by flooding it with light at the back of your eyeball causing it to release chemicals and damage the retina. This is called Photic Retinopathy.  The only way you can tell if you have proper eyewear is that is ISO certified and the best way to be sure is to buy from the manufacturers that have the ISO seal of ISO 12312-2.


But despite this, people that wore proper glasses still claim that they have a headache, most of these symptoms are completely normal and will go away in time but if you experience blurry vision, spots, or a burning sensation in your eyes after 24 hrs it is advised you seek an eye doctor immediately. However,  if you took the proper precautions you don’t need to worry your symptoms just may be a result of straining your eyes for a period of time. But if you still can’t kick your headache here are some quick tips on how to relieve it.

Tips to Relieve your Headache

Rather than popping a Tyneol here are some quick all natural ways to relieve a headache fast.

Lavender Oil

Lavender oil is amazing for relaxing your nerves, your mind and for suppressing headaches. Dab a couple drops on your fingers and rub in a circular motion on the sides of your temples. This should relieve your symptoms in minutes.


There are certain pressure points you can apply to help relieve the pressure of headaches. These are called the ‘Chinese Headache’ points by massaging these points you will feel relieved of your headache. See a video below of a demonstration by Donna Eden. Who is a renowned energy medicine practitioner that teaches thousands of workshops all over the world such as Acupressure, Chinese medicine, and Chi Gong. For more details about Acupressure see my other posts.


Give your Eyes a Rest

The extra UV light that passed through your retinas can put a strain on your eyes for a couple of days. Give your eyes a rest by not trying to strain them further, close your eyes for a couple of minutes and just relax. You can also sleep with an eye mask to help reduce irritation by extra light.


I hope these quick tips helped you and be sure to check out my other posts for quick tips on holistic remedies. Feel free to leave your comments!




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