Good Health Hacks – For Skin

It’s funny how I am in my mid-thirties still going through changes in my skin. You think I would have been done with all that by now, but with having kids and hormonal changes it is sure to throw things off – especially your skin. I’ve had my share of skin issues throughout the years and I’m sure some of you can relate and the frustration you feel trying to find the magic potion that brings you back to homeostasis. So here are a few things I’ve discovered that helped me with the certain type of issues that I had in the past. Here are some Good Health Hacks – For Skin.

Cystic Acne

The worst experience in my life, shortly after I had my second daughter I was plagued with cystic acne.  Cystic acne basically is cysts under your skin that are extremely painful and swollen. This can lead to disfigurement on your face temporarily, which is horrible. This happens when your sebaceous gland is overproducing (sounds gross). I am happy to report that I’ve been cystic acne free for a few years now.  So after extensively researching I discovered this amazing good health hack. I cracked the code! I discovered my hormones were out of whack and so was the PH level of my skin.  What I found was most skin cleansers are harsh, contain chemicals, and actually have hormone disrupters in them, hence why you also can get cystic acne.

So I started looking up the best products to bring back the PH level of my skin and discovered Eminessence Organics. This stuff is amazing, it smells incredible and my skin was soft and clear from cystic acne!  You definitely know you are getting high-quality products without added chemicals. Check it out below.



Balancing Hormones – Improve Skin

I remember watching those crappy ads for Proactiv and the dermatologists discussed how this topical treatment will cure your skin of acne. Matter of fact, for me it did the opposite and only agitated it. No one tells you that sometimes topical skin care just doesn’t work, it needs to be addressed internally to heal what’s on the outside. No dermatologist will ever tell you that, at least from my experience anyway.  But is a fact that B vitamins do balance your hormones, it also helps to reduce stress so it’s a win-win. You do want one that contains a high concentration of B6 and B12 to help balance your hormones as the B complex just doesn’t do it. They can range in price, it all depends on your budget but here is a brand favorite of mine although a little on the pricier side. Essentially a good quality supplement with B6 and B12 should suffice.


Although this is inevitable and not a cure all you can help reduce the appearance of wrinkles, especially those dreaded smile lines with Hyaluronic acid. It is a substance that is naturally present in the human body.


Dry Skin

Although I am plagued with dry skin in the winter months, I cannot stress the importance of moisturizing your skin any time of the year.

One of my favorites is Wild Ferns New Zealand Bee Venom Cream, and to note no bees were harmed during the process. Apparently, this is considered a skin trend that celebrities have been doing to treat wrinkles.  However, I found this not to be successful in treating wrinkles for me but an amazing moisturizer like no other!


So have you’ve tried any of these suggestions? Let me know thoughts below!

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