UNDA Drops – How they Can Heal your Body

UNDA Drops – How they Can Heal your Body

I have long been a fan of homeopathy, for me it just works, I find that some brands work better than other’s however. You have to find what works for you. I find UNDA is incredibly an effective way to heal the body. If you don’t know what UNDA is you’ve come to the right place. Below I will discuss what UNDA drops are and how they heal the body.

What are UNDA Drops?

UNDA drops are a form of homeopathic medicine, they are numbered compounds and each number corresponds to a targeted area of the body such as an organ. The UNDA numbers were formulated in Europe in the early 1900s.  The formulations are based on Chinese Medicine theory as well as homeopathic methodologies.

Such examples of UNDA drops that support organs and cells are the liver, kidneys, skin, heart etc… The idea is the drops stimulate on a cellular level cleansing toxins and nourishing the cells at the same time.

The UNDA compounds are combined in diluted forms of plants and minerals, as the premise behind homeopathy the minerals in the compound have an affect on the way our cells carry out chemical reactions.

UNDA Drops for Detoxing

Understanding the cause of your ailments can help you cleanse your body from the inside out.

First and foremost you should always do a detox before you decide to add nutrients to your body, if you don’t it is basically adding oil to water and the effect is minimal. If you are experiencing any type of symptoms such as fatigue, mind fog, stress, depression, anxiety you may need to give your body a cleanse. These ailments and can show up on the face as the Chinese believe. To see some examples check out the Chinese Face Reading Chart.

When detoxing, once or twice a year is a good method. It is best to remove all the physical toxins stored in our bodies to help cleanse our organs so they can become stronger, nourished and function better. To do this you can go on a juice cleanse and/or drink warm lemon water but what I like the most is UNDA drops. Below is a kit that cleanses the most toxin riddled organs, our liver, kidneys and adrenal glands.

Chinese Face Reading ChartBiotherapeutic Drainage Kit
Liver & Kidney – Plus Adrenal Support

What it does:
Helps overcome toxic accumulations and rebalance the body’s natural process of eliminating toxins. Most detoxification methods have the potential to stress the body. Biotherapeutic Drainage is gentle and helps nourish each organ as well as cleanses the toxins from that particular organ. It works on a cellular level, helping to boost energy levels.

Package includes:

• UNDA Numbered Compound 1
Liver function and kidney anti-inflammatory

 UNDA Numbered Compound 20
Kidney anti-inflammatory

• UNDA Numbered Compound 243
Liver pain relief and intestinal purging

• Phyto-gen: Black Currant Bud which helps cleanse and nourish the adrenal glands. (Refer to my Treatment for Adrenal Fatigue post about Black Currant otherwise known as Ribes Nigrum).

You can buy the Biotherapeutic Drainage Kit here



If you can’t get the detox kits as sometimes they are hard to get, you can buy the UNDA drops individually below. Here is the top list of UNDA drops to detox, cleanse and nourish the organs.

UNDA 1 – Liver function and kidney cleanse

UNDA 20 -kidney cleanse

UNDA 243 -Liver and intestinal cleanse


UNDA 9- Cleanses and Heals the Nervous System

UNDA 9- Cleanses and Heals the Brain (Helps with Brain Fog)

There are literally hundreds of UNDA drops that you can try, they are all really effective at working on a cellular level.  There are too many to list here but for a complete list see here for a pdf. Which provides full details on UNDA drops types and how they work.

Have you ever tried UNDA drops before what did you think of them? Share your thoughts below!


2 thoughts on “UNDA Drops – How they Can Heal your Body”

  1. Heidi

    Do you have to be on a spcizl diet while taking the unda drops? I started the dtops before a vacation and an trying to watch what I eat. But not always succezzful.

    1. Dawna

      Hi Heidi, thanks for the comment. When you first start out Unda Drops it is best to go on a cleanse. I mentioned the Bio drainage kit is a good start. That will help flush out toxins out of your body. In addition to this, you should stay clear from dairy and wheat for about 21 days in total. That is how long the kit will work for. Once that is achieved then you can eat regularly and use your UNDA drops intermittently.

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